Thursday, December 23, 2010

A great read - 5 necessary truths about Gov 2.0 by Andrea Di Maio

Andrea Di Maio's article, 5 necessary truths about Gov 2.0, over at Federal Computer week has just been brought to my attention, and I commend it to everyone involve or interested in Government 2.0.

It makes some excellent points which I feel are often not understood or appreciated by governments, that Government 2.0 isn't all about them (politicians or agencies), that it is not all about communication, it is a toolkit for solving problems and that Government 2.0 should align with business goals - not just be deployed as a shiny toy.

Sometimes I think that the rush to push government to use Government 2.0 tools and techniques does as much harm as good. While it does force agencies to consider new approaches and take active steps, it can also create and reinforce a shallow view of Gov 2.0, or leave it marginalised in government Communication Branches, rather than embedding it within program, policy and customer service/engagement areas.


  1. On one hand, the need for public servants to engage stakeholders with Web 2 tools is a must do activity. Get out there and start engaging so we can feel comfortable, prove the risks can be managed, and begin to make it mainstream.

    On the other hand, the rush to push it out may do more harm than good.

    Solution: Keep sitting on the fence.

  2. Better solution - small experiments that build skills and capabilities and provide evidence for bigger activities.

    I always tell people that the fence has spikes. Best to get off it quickly before it becomes painful.




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