Saturday, March 19, 2011

BarCamp lineup (at 10am)

Here's the current line-up for BarCamp Canberra presentations today.

LT1 - Big Theatre
9.30 How to deliver a kick ass presentation
9.50 Make Hack Void Community Update
10.10 Interact, robotics, wearable computing
10.30 Minecraft
10.50 Communication Science and Skepticism
11.10 E-Dialogue
11.30 Possible Skeptitechnical Improv
11.50 Enabling Digital Society - the gov part
12.10 Web apps enabling social inclusion
13.30 Web typograph or Jeckyl
13.50 Agile business management
14.10 Tweeting for your country
14.30 ABS, Open Standards, Metadata and how to win an iPad
14.50 Open Transit in the ACT
15.10 Zombie preparation for Disastro

TR06 - Tute room
9.30 Architecture for collaboration
9.50 Designing big complex things
10.10 Finding better ways to develop standards
10.30 Startups
10.50 Convergence TransMedia and the whole shebang
11.10 what do you do with a hole in the ground?
11.30 Video accessibility and HTML with JavaScript
12.10 Drupal - what would you like to know
13.30 Legal liability of open wireless for users and providers
13.50 SigInt
14.10 Open data - discussion of
14.50 Mapping a datavis
15.10 Gov 2.0 - where are we heading?

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