Friday, February 01, 2013

Infographic: Which federal politicians are tweeting?

I'm continuing to work on statistics around government agencies and politicians who use Twitter in Australia.

Next week I'll provide detailed statistics on agencies, however given the date of the next Federal election was announced this week, I thought I'd provide a little more information on which of our politicians are tweeting, using the infographic below.

Interestingly while the Government is slightly better represented on Twitter than the oppositions (when including Independents and Greens), the shadow Ministry is better represented than the Ministry, particularly Shadow Parliamentary Secretaries (effectively junior Ministers) who are far likelier to use Twitter than their counterparts.

More statistics are available in my post last week and via my Google spreadsheet, which can be accessed via this post:


  1. Craig, this info is really helpful for building a case to continue social media efforts in the little agency I work with. Thanks so much for your posts. I hope we get a mention in a list of 'who's doing it right'!

  2. Hi Alex,

    No worries, I have a lot more information available if you want to contact me directly. Via Twitter at @craigthomler is the best way :)



  3. I think we're now connected. Thanks, Craig. I'm @pestiness. That account tweets a lot of unprofessional and random personal accounts, however, I am comfortable that my personal life does not impinge on my ability to act in a professional manner on behalf of my employers. We are all human, after all. :)

  4. good job : what sort of API do you use for making this ? Or this is "twitter's lists" ?

  5. Hi Jackie,

    No API - I maintain lists of government and politician accounts in Google docs.

    To use I import a list of the data that needs to be presented and it gets stored as 'point in time' information within a spreadsheet behind the visualisation above.

    With my Google docs public, it would certainly be possible for someone to program a front-end which uses real-time data, but beyond my skill set :)


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