Monday, April 01, 2013

Breaking news: Australian Government to appoint Government 2.0 Minister

I've just learnt from an inside source that the Australian Government has decided to go several steps further than the Queensland Government (who appointed an Assistant Minister for eGovernment last year), by appointing Australia's first Government 2.0 Minister.

The new Minister, who will be announced later today, will be responsible for taking forward the government's open government, open data and spatial initiatives, with the goal of ensuring that Australia becomes known as the most open and transparent nation in the world, driving government accountability, improved public engagement, economic activity through data and making it harder for inaccurate data to be 'spun' in traditional or new media.

The new Minister will lead a newly formed agency, probably to be called the Department of Openness, Innovation and Transparency (DOIT).

This department will be formed from the CTO-led section of AGIMO (explaining the recent separation of CIO and CTO), the Office of Spatial Policy and sections of the Department of Innovation focused on public sector innovation, particularly DesignGov.

The new department will also oversee the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner.

DOIT will have a mandate to ensure other commonwealth agencies develop and implement open data and Gov 2.0 plans under a 'Digital First' strategy, similar to the UK's 'Digital by Default' approach.

Under this mandate the department will take on the role of maintaining whole of government standards for social media engagement, mobile app development, accessibility and open copyright, as well as sophisticated searchable (topic/agency/use) registers for all mobile apps, social media channels and Gov 2.0 tools created by commonwealth agencies (more expansive than the lists in

The department will be responsible for developing, managing and maintaining whole-of-government web services, including existing GovSpace, GovDex and sites, as well as creating new services, which may include an Australian equivalent of, an epetitions site, a 'govforge' site for sharing and reusing code across agencies and a whole-of-government FOI site as a central repository containing all agency releases.

The new department will also take responsibility under the APS200 for unlocking Australia's geospatial data and finalising the development of an open source 'mymaps' system, which will form the basis for the public release of all future public sector map information - a universal base map and WebGIS system that every agency will use.

The new Minister and Department were to be announced in February, however this was delayed due to budgetary considerations and political distractions (such as leadership speculation).

The announcement of the Minister will occur later today (Monday 1 April 2013), with the news that Australia is joining the Open Government Partnership, relaunching using CKAN and creating the site (not yet live) as a visionary testbed to demonstrate how modern technologies can transform how government agencies design and manage websites.

So who will be the Minister responsible for this new Department?

Now that would be telling, but I've sure you can all guess... that today was 1st April, and this is an April Fools prank.


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  2. It's quite a pity to see a government, in it's last stages in power, implement things which were quite obvious only because some bright spark/elected rep "got it" a while back.

    Not that our (elected) reps "get it" even now. Any gov which thinks they can "make it harder for inaccurate data/INFORMATION to be 'spun' in traditional or new media", hasn't read enough McLuhan or Goebbels.

    Still, it will be nice to see, after the dust settles, a discussion between Kate and Malcolm. Maybe it will change the complexion of the black vs whie debate in this country. We might even get a little innovation. I'm/we're bored with the apartheid approach.

  3. Well written and played Craig.

  4. Hi Craig,

    It is a pity that you write up a bunch of stuff being done in such a way that manages to undermine it. Probably the best backhanded compliment I've ever seen. A well intentioned April Fools I'm sure, but it basically you are implying we could be (and to some degree are) making great progress on this agenda but it means naught without a Gov 2.0 Minister...

    I would like to say to all the folk inside and outside of government working in this space, rock on. We are making progress.

    1. Pia, it's simply an April Fools hoax.

      I didn't think the Google Nose ( hoax undermined the work being done in olfactory research.

      Nor did I think the AFR hoax ( undermined the reputation of compact or broadsheet newspapers.

      Any implication regarding the value of having a Gov 2.0 Minister is being made by you, not me. Kindly don't put words in my mouth or assume intent without checking with me first.

      At least we agree there's progress being made in the Gov 2.0 space. Some within government, some outside.


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