Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Use of government open data creeping into universities

In September I was honoured to be invited to speak at the first Best Practice in Data Journalism seminar for Australia at Melbourne University, hosted by the Centre for Advancing Journalism.

The event included many of Australia's leading data journalists, together with academics and other representatives working in the data space.

At the event I was glad to see that a number of Masters students in the university were using government open data to create visualisations and derive insights.

Richard Sinnott has now published a public list of some of these projects in the Asia-Pacific data journalism and data visualisation group at LinkedIn, which I've included below.

These have been been developed in ten weeks or less and are works in progress, so consider them appropriately.

Federal government open data mash-up:

Visualising Victorian lobbyists, clients, companies, donors:
(wait for it to load as there is a large complex graph).
Hopefully straightforward to drive/use...

Using Twitter for Melbourne transport congestion:
(final scenarios coming soon)

Using Twitter for World Cup 2014:
(can we identify events in games through Twitter sentiment) - pretty much yes as long as enough goals scored!
Also finalising scenarios on are Italians really more emotional than Germans (sentiment +/- on Twitter!)

What politicians are tweeting in Victoria:

What politicians are tweeting in Federal government:

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