Saturday, September 05, 2015

Liveblog from GovHack 2015 International Awards event

Tonight I am liveblogging from the GovHack 2015 International Awards, a red carpet event for roughly 250 GovHack national and international finalists, dignitaries, journalists, entrepreneurs and organisers where over $300,000 in prizes will be awarded by government and industry.

The event is the culmination of GovHack 2015, which this year smashed it's own records in terms of number of participants (about 2,000), number of completed projects (300), number of sites (30) and number of participating government agencies (well over 20).

In face just the Melbourne GovHack venue attracted more hackers and completed more projects than did all of GovHack only three years ago.

As the fifth GovHack, this was also the first to go international, with events held in New Zealand as well as Australia.

Some of the awesome hacks included,

  • An Internet of Things device that estimates train passenger counts in real-time
  • A smart energy meter app allowing communities, neighbours, and friends to compete to save energy
  • An interactive application that pays tribute to the Indigenous community who served during World War I and World War II.
  • An application that draws on over 12 million examiner citations and 8 million patent applications

The full list of complete GovHack 2015 projects can be viewed in the GovHack Hackerspace, with previous years' projects visible from the GovHack website.

Watch the Periscope recording of the awards.

Live Blog GovHack 2015 Liveblog

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