Tuesday, February 07, 2017

New year, new role, continued focus - Craig @ Accenture

As governments, companies, not-for-profits and societies continue to uncover the continuing impacts that digital technologies have unlocked, it's time for me to move to the next phase of my own career journey.

Humanity has only tested the edges of what digital can do for us, and our institutions and corporations are still learning and normalising the positive and negative impacts of digital transformation, and how it doesn't simply involve swapping tools, but changing culture, philosophy and structures.

I'm a firm believer that technology remains an enabler for our society and the myriad of organisations within it, however if we only half-do the work of digital transformation - treat it as simply another project, a coat of paint to freshen up ageing structures and thinking - we not only risk losing that massive value, but seriously damaging our companies, institutions and civilisation.

Digital disruption is continuing to grow at an accelerating pace, with the gap between digital leaders and laggards extending as the organisations that invested early, made mistakes and learnt from them, outpace those organisations wedded to past business models and processes.

The organisations that respond and manage digital successfully can harness its power to thrive - realising massive value, lasting advantage and all the returns arising from this, The organisations that do not will struggle to remain relevant - whether privately or publicly owned.

I've worked in this space for over ten years now, building on a further ten years of experience at the dawn of the internet age - and after working within and with government, it's time for me to take the next step in helping organisations realise the massive value from digital.

This week I started with Accenture Interactive in Australia as a Digital Marketing Senior Manager. In this role, backed by the global experience and expertise of Accenture, I hope to be able to scale up my impact, helping organisations to navigate and succeed over the next phase of digital transformation.

I intend to continue this eGovAU blog, but with a slightly amended focus reflecting my new direction and responsibilities.

The role may be new, but my focus continues - helping organisations, particularly across the public sector, to survive and thrive as digital technologies continue to advance.

There's so much more to be done - to normalise digital within organisations, to harness it for their continued success. I am looking forward to working with a range of clients to help them thrive.

If you'd like to chat with me about the road ahead, please contact me via my LinkedIn profile.

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