Friday, October 30, 2009

The growing mobile internet landscape - but where's government?

2009 has been called the year of mobile internet - and with good reason.

The iPhone has become the fastest adopted consumer electronics product in history. Google's Android has become a serious mobile platform and smartphones of every shade have continued to multiple exponentially.

The mobile internet has been growing faster than any digital platform in history, as the below chart from Morgan Stanley as reported in TechCrunch's article, How The iPhone Is Blowing Everyone Else Away (In Charts), demonstrates.

So how is Australia's government getting involved in the mobile revolution?

We have seen the first smartphone games - from the Department of Defense and VicRoads.

We've also seen applications that mashup government data such as FoodWatch NSW using the NSW Food Authority database and the National Toilet Map.

However to my knowledge no state or federal government services have - as yet - been delivered on a native smartphone platform.

I wonder when we'll see the first. I don't expect they are far away.

By the way, while Australian governments haven't developed many applications, efforts are now underway to classify the thousands that already exist, as reported in the ITnews article, Classification board seeks to censor iPhone apps.

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  1. Melbourne Water (gov wholesaler of water, drainage & seage services) has had mobile web presence for four years. They provide water storage data, rainfall in areas across greater Melbourne and river flows.