Thursday, August 25, 2011

ACT Government opens discussion on open government website

In what I believe might be a first in Australia, the ACT Government has released the requirements and wireframes for its upcoming open government website for public scrutiny and comment at its Time to Talk website.

Essentially the ACT government has decided to allow the community to give feedback on the upcoming website's proposed functionality and design before they spend the resources to actually build it.

This step could help reduce site costs and improve community satisfaction by ensuring the site is build to a specification tested to meet public needs.

Of course, as this is the first time the ACT government has taken this kind of step, it may take time for people to become aware of the consultation, to consider the material and to comment. Also, many people are unfamiliar with specifications or web design processes, so it could be a challenge for them to understand and provide constructive advice. Hopefully a number of the web-savvy people in Canberra will step up, take a look and provide comment (as I intend to do).

Otherwise this might be a very quiet consultation and not deliver an outcome that encourages others to take similar steps in the future.

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  1. I'm told that this is being publicised:
    * through Twitter
    * in the Canberra Times
    * on local radio
    * on complementary ACT Government websites