Tuesday, January 13, 2009

If you can't join them, at least counter them - US Airforce devises 'counter blogging' guide

Nextgov has reported in the article AF Counter-Blogs with Trolls that the US Air Force has developed a comprehensive 'counter-blogging model' to help Air Force blog commenters categorise the type of blogger and respond appropriately to negative feedback.

While I'd suggest that it's better to join the conversation, as a fallback strategy it's a good idea to have this type of framework to help agency staff understand the tone of the blogs they are reading and guide their responses. The Air Force model isn't a bad one to start with - and is available publicly online.

According to the Air Force's model,
if an Air Force member wants to respond, the model suggests he or she consider five things, which are always good advice to follow:

1. Be transparent. (Disclose that you are a member of the Air Force.)
2. Site sources. (Use links to video, documents and images.)
3. Take your time to create meaningful responses.
4. Be aware of your tone. (Respond in a way that "reflects the rich heritage of the Air Force.)
5. Influence. ("Focus on the most used sites related to the Air Force."

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