Friday, January 16, 2009

Mosman council had launched online consultation site - Mosplan

Mosman Council is well known to online advocates in government as one of the leading public sector organisations in adopting online tools for consultation and engagement with their public.

As reported in the Online Community Consultation blog, Mosman has launched its 'Planning Mosman's Future' online consultation site with video and forums.

It's a great example of how a public sector organisation can use cheap or freely publicly available tools to begin a process of engagement with their constituents.

Sometimes I wonder if large government agencies, with correspondingly sized IT groups, overengineer expensive custom solutions when they could instead meet Ministerial, business and customer needs quickly and cheaply with currently available third-party online tools.

After all we are spending money from the public purse and it behooves us to spend it scrupulously.

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  1. Councils are often faster-movers in these spaces, due to their structure and purpose.

    1) they're public-sector organisations, but run themselves as private enterprises

    2) they have a clear "audience" and a concrete need to deliver many, many services

    We've seen a number of nice things come out of councils, and look forward to seeing more over the coming years...


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