Thursday, May 07, 2009

Liveblog of PublicSphere #1 - high broadband for Australia

Below is my liveblog of the PublicSphere event.


  1. Thanks for taking the trouble to do this. It fills in some of the gaps for those of us who weren't there.

  2. Yes, many thanks for this coverage and for the links.

    Definitely need more politicians to do as Steve Collins suggests at 10.14: "need to communicate what you are doing, but even more important to respond to questions and have conversations".

    Also need the non-tech and/or non-internet savvy Australians to become more aware and educated on what FTTH can mean for them & how it may lead to greater experiences for themselves and their families.

    Alice Springs

  3. Little correction: at 11:28 it wasn't Jeff Waugh speaking, but rather Duncan Stevenson and his topic was on New distributed medical applications.

    Nice write-up! Thanks.


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