Friday, March 19, 2010

Vote for your favourite NSW Apps - closes 22 March

Public voting is now open for Apps4NSW, but only until Monday 22 March.

So if you wanted to check out and vote for applications submitted to the competition, go to the Apps4NSW public voting site.

EDIT: Note that it was entries that closed 22 March. Public voting remains open until 9 April.


  1. What do you make of the standard of the ideas submitted, Craig? The likes of That's Camping! and Gluten Free NSW don't exactly set the pulse racing, and the most useful ones - to me, anyway - are things like crime stats and maps, which are hardly a very new idea.

    I'm at an event in the UK this weekend doing a similar thing, and the public ideation process doesn't seem to have produced anything especially ground breaking there, either - see

    It will be interesting to compare the two processes, actually - will have a proper look tomorrow (Friday) and post something up on my blog.

    I'm certainly not against this kind of crowdsourcing process - just wonder whether they work better in theory than practice!


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