Wednesday, June 30, 2010

ACT launches Fix My Street - but not like the UK Gov 2.0 service

The ACT has launched a Fix My Street service providing ACT residents with methods for reporting and tracking "municipal service requests" online.

According to the site, ACT residents can submit service requests using a menu of topics and even create an account to track the progress of their own requests.

While a major step forward, unlike the popular UK service of the same name, the ACT's version of Fix My Street may only be used by ACT residents rather than by local governments across the country.

The ACT version also does not include photos, allow residents to view the service requests submitted by others or provide details on the number of service requests received or addressed.

A service similar to the UK's site was developed during one of the Gov 2.0 Taskforce's mash-up events last year, named It's Buggered, Mate.

The OpenAustralia Foundation is also working towards introducing a version of the UK's Fix My Street in Australia.


  1. The source for It's Buggered Mate is up on github -

    I wish they hadn't gone for the wheel re-invention which is constrained to one government locality - 1x server running ruby on rails; a database; and an import of LGAs would have gotten them much more bang for their buck.

  2. More of a re-badging of an existing facility than a wheel re-invention. But they are noting the feedback.


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