Thursday, June 10, 2010

The next generation of government

Living in Australia we are fortunate to be able to often look overseas to view the trends that will shape our lives and our workplaces already beginning to unfold.

While Australians often consider our country an innovative leader in many areas, my fifteen years in the online sector have suggested that, for the most part, we lag on average 18-24 months behind the United States in our thinking and activities in this industry.

That's why I found the article Watch out...Here Comes the Next Generation of Government by Steve Ressler (founder of Govloop) so interesting.

I recommend you read Steve's article. It provides some insights into how public organisations must reinvent themselves to attract the best young staff, and how they much reinvent their relationship with their communities to remain relevant.


  1. Thanks for pointing out this article. Steve has really nailed it - workers today who know where they are going are doing what they need to do, to get there. Organisations that are flexible enough to respond to their needs will really benefit.

  2. It is a real challenge for slower moving highly conservative and hierarchical organisations. They may end up with a 5-10 year gap in hiring key expertise.


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