Friday, October 15, 2010

Australian Senator Kate Lundy wins the International eDemocracy award for 2010

In Paris, on Thursday 14 October 2010, Senator Kate Lundy became the first Australian and 10th annual winner of the World e.Gov Forum and PoliticsOnline's International eDemocracy award - the equivalent of the Academy awards for eGovernment and Gov 2.0 practitioners.

In an award ceremony at France's Department of Foreign Affairs, in front of more than 250 conference delegates and officials, Senator Lundy was presented with the judge's selection International eDemocracy award by Phil Noble of PoliticsOnline.

The peoples' choice International eDemocracy award, based on over 3,000 votes, was won by Ralph Benko, writer of the Webster Dictionary, a textbook for using the web to transform the world.

Senator Lundy was selected from a global field of 12 nominees including the Top 10 changing the world of internet and politics for 2010, as determined through an online nomination and election process managed by PoliticsOnline, and several French entrants into France's eDemocracy award.

The nominees included another Australian who was selected as one of the Top 10, Craig Thomler (me), for the eGovAU blog.

The judging panel included an international group of eDemocracy luminaries.

Final award selections were based on short presentations and question and answer sessions with the 12 nominees at Issy-les-Moulineaux's Town Hall just south of Paris.

Senator Lundy was nominated for the award based on her work convening three Public Sphere events.

UPDATE 18/10/10: Senator Lundy's media release: Senator Lundy wins International Top 10 People Changing the World of Internet and Politics

Post from the forum organisers: The winners of the e-Democracy Awards 2010


Here's a link to a set of photos from the event taken by CivicTec: WEGF 2010.

Below are photos of the event taken by Senator Lundy and me

Senator Kate Lundy and Craig Thomler at the award ceremony, with Senator Lundy holding her
International eDemocracy Award. Photo courtesy of Kate Lundy.

The below photos are taken on my iPhone - better quality ones should be available soon on the World e.Gov Forum site.
Senator Lundy being presented with the 2010 International eDemocracy award by Phil Noble
of PoliticsOnline in the reception hall of France's Department of Foreign Affairs in Paris.

All of the winners of the 2010 eDemocracy awards in the reception hall of France's
Department of Foreign Affairs in Paris.

Senator Lundy presenting to the judging panel and assorted guests in the  
council chamber of Issy-les-Moulineaux's Town Hall


  1. Congratulations to you for being among such talent.

  2. This is a huge honour for Senator Lundy, and I don`t recall anything reported by the media.

  3. Its not only an honour for Senator Lundy, but for Australia as well.

  4. Congratulations Senator, you make all us old gov2.0 advocates very very proud Australians.

    Your persistence and leadership have been admirable.

    After taking a few seconds :-) to celebrate, the question has to be asked what next?


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