Thursday, October 07, 2010

The media140 #OzPolitics Tweetbook

I felt that it would be useful to compile the online discussions during media140 #OzPolitics into a single work, a permanent record that could be reread, referenced and reconsidered.

So over the long weekend, with assistance from PeopleBrowsr, the support of Julie Posetti and permission from FirstDogOnMoon and Mike Stuchbery to reuse some of their material, I compiled the following Tweetbook.

You are welcome to read, print, share and comment.

media140 #OzPolitics Tweetbook

By the way - as far as I know this is the first conference Tweetbook created in Australia. It is based on the very useful Open Government and Innovations Conference Tweetbook from their conference in Washington in July 2009.

I hope the media140 #OzPolitics Tweetbook will also serve as an inspirational model for future Australian conferences and events.


  1. This is rather fascinating. Not your usual conference summary because of the personal perspectives. Its another dimension to having the presentations - it feels like an uncensored /unedited interpretation of the presentations from multiple view points made at the time they thought them, not after some reflection. Its more like having a colleague tell you the relevant highlights for them. Oddly, because they are strangers to me, I feel I can trust their comments and recommendations because they aren't being cloaked in corporate politically correct speak. From a records management point of view, its another way to capture the medium, so that you have another record of the conference. I suppose there might be a question of whether the person who compiles this has compiled it in an way that ensures it is an authentic record? ie We don't know what might have been excluded? Has original order been observed? If not does this need to be stated up front?? Thanks for the mighty effort and for sharing.

  2. Hi Susan,

    Thanks for your comments. The tweets are in chronological order and the individual tweets are unedited. I did cut out tweets that were off topic, repeated similar sentiments or were simple retweets. I cannot say whether this means bias has crept in - will leave that for others to consider, but I tried to be balanced in the editing and reflect the views of tweeters.

    I have thought about releasing an archive of the full tweets, as these are on the public record anyway. No-one has asked me for this yet however :)



  3. Craig
    Your Tweetbook turned out great! I really liked the photos and layout - wish every conference I attended had something like this as a take-away. This can be a huge undertaking - how did you manage to do it all in one weekend?

  4. Hi Pam,

    I have some prior experience that helped in that I spent around ten years as a freelancer writing books and newspaper/magazine articles.

    During this period I wrote or co-wrote over a dozen published books and was also an editor for an online publication for a couple of years.

    Once I had all the tweets, it was relatively easy to pull it together. All the images and blog posts were already indexed and I just had to create the jigsaw from the pieces :)

    Plus I had the assistance of a great editor (MissFiveby5 - credited in the book) who spent a few hours picking up all the errors I missed.



  5. Craig, nice work on the media140 #OzPolitics Tweetbook. Great idea to compile them all into one book for future reference.


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