Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Australian use of social media skyrocketing

Universal McCann have completed some excellent research on social media use based on a sample of 17,000 users across 29 countries.

The latest wave was completed in March 2008.

The key findings were that blogs and online videos have gone mainstream and are tools that organisations need to consider within their marketing and communications mix.

Social networks had reached critical mass. Note that since this research was completed, Facebook has overtaken MySpace as the market leader.

I've embedded the slideshow below, or it is viewable at slide share as Universal Mccann International Social Media Research Wave 3

The highlights for Australia:

62% of Australians online read blogs (up from 21% in Sep 2006)
29% of Australians online have started blogs (up from 18% in Sep 2006)

36% of people online (globally) think more positively of organisations that blog
32% of people online (globally) trust blogger's opinions on products and services

Social networks
50% of Australians online have created a profile on a social network (21% of the Australian population)

Shared videos online
77% of Australians online have watched online videos (up from 25% in Sep 2006)
28% of Australians online have shared videos (12% of the Australian population)

Listened to Podcasts
40% of Australians online have listened to a Podcast (up from 14% in Sep 2006)

Subscribed to RSS feed
24% of Australians online have subscribed to an RSS feed

The slideshow

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