Saturday, June 21, 2008

Microsoft testing prototype of intranet social network

Microsoft is joining the race to add social networks to intranets.

Computerworld has reported that Microsoft is prototyping a Face-book style tool for providing employees with feeds and updates about their colleagues.

I'd expect this to be an extension of their SharePoint product, allowing them to leverage their customer base to defend again online-only alternatives, such as Linkedin, who recently announced their own initiative in this area.

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  1. Hi Craig

    Sorry to post here but could not find email for you...this url to your site piece on IBF 24 was not working and would love to read what you said...

    Paul Miller - IBF

  2. Sorry Paul,

    It will be up tomorrow morning (my time).

    I actually didn't find out about the event until it was over and are anxiously waiting for the presentations, podcasts and transcripts to become available.

  3. Paul,

    The post is now up at: Intranet day - global event

    I'd appreciate if you could drop me a line when IBF 24 presentations or podcasts become available.